My Story

From my hands to yours. A journey from Mud to Magic.

The seed of respect for all things handmade was planted in my childhood heart. My mother’s pottery collection adorned our house and filled our kitchen shelves. Our floors and walls were draped in rugs and tapestries handwoven by my mama herself!

For years I’ve had a silent obsession that one day I would create my own beautiful textured bowls and plates. The passion for creating, crafting and decorating has always been there. Between raising a family and joining the team at Villa Getaways (our family run business as a sales executive for over a decade, I had to put my newly acquired Interior Design profession on hold.

The creative energy left dormant for so long needed an outlet lest it explode. So when I joined a pottery class with a friend, I was over the moon! Butterflies roused in my stomach when I first held my wonky glazed hand built pieces. An awe-inspiring rush consumed me, feeling the clay in my hands, creating functional pieces with proper technique! I was hooked - that creative fire was finally let loose.

So here I am, deep in the mud-to-magic metamorphosis—a journey of continual learning and uncovering the mysteries of clay, the astonishing alchemy, the wondrous tediousness, the certified unpredictability every potter endures and enjoys.
From my hands to yours, each piece is loaded with a flavour, quality, love, and texture I hope you will appreciate as much as I do.

I am continually making and creating pottery in my little home studio, so every now and then I will be updating my shop with the latest Mud creations. Follow me and my ever evolving journey on Instagram @Mudhavi

Namaste, thank you for visiting!